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Establishing A Proper Hair Care Routine + Tips

Establish A Hair Care Routine Using Organic Products

Making a daily routine for hair can be a hassle and we often forget the importance of a healthy scalp and hair. To get the most from your hair and to ease the pain of styling or detangling you need to plan a routine to help your hair look it's best. A routine can be as simple as washing, conditioning and using some sort of mask weekly. Some people cannot handle a simple routine because they have special needs for their hair because their hair is chemically treated, curly or kinky or fine and limp. Organic products, in general, should make hair more manageable and healthier. Chemicals in shampoos strip hair's natural sebum or oil and corrode the hair follicles over time. By reading this post, you will know about certain chemicals in hair products that you should avoid and help for making a daily healthy hair routine. Happy hair days! -xoxo Lexie Hair

Chemicals You Should Always Avoid...

Sulphates -(anti-greasers, strip hair and cause cataracts in adults)
Phosphates- (swell hair and strip nutrients)
Parabens -(preservatives used in shampoo, are also found in breast cancer tissue)
Silicones -(these so called "shine enhancers" make a barrier on your hair and dry it out)
Mineral Oil- (manufactured from petroleum so it isn't natural, may be phototoxic)
Propylene Glycol ( or better know as Anti-Freeze)

Know that you are aware of the chemicals in shampoos you can try to find organic products that substitute chemicals with natural ingredients and preservatives. Do your hair a favor and keep it healthy by using less chemicals as possible!

My Favorite Brands Of Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling Products:

Live Clean -

Burt's Bees-

Alba Botanica-


Now you know a few good quality organic hair care brands! I tested them all and they are fairly priced and highly respectable. All can be found in drugstores.

Determine Your Hair Type :

Curly Hair- Is usually dry and rough, the main problems with curly hair is frizz and tangles. When curly hair is wet it is usually easier to manage than when it is dry. Products for curly hair should be moisturizing and nourishing. Limit heat use and use oil treatments weekly to get soft curls. A detangling pick or comb is your best friend, try not to abuse your hair. Use a mask weekly for well moisturized curls. Avoid straightening hair daily and refrain from using perms.

Straight Hair - Usually lacks body and volume. Women with fine, straight hair should use light products that deliver volume without adding heaviness. Women with thicker, straight hair should use repairing or moisturizing products and a mask weekly. Straight hair should not be abused with heat as it breaks easily and damage is more visible on straighter hair. Get trims frequently.

Wavy Hair - Usually very damaged. Wavy-haired women have the best of both worlds, but their hair is the subject of alot of damage. Wavy hair is often straightened to achieve a certain look, resulting in damage. Women with straight hair should use texturizing products that enhance waves. Live Clean has great products called Purple Jewel that enhance waves rather than masking them. Hot oil treatments do wavy hair good. Use a deep repair mask to help with split ends. Get trims frequently.

Act On It: What Your Hair Needs

Curly Hair-  Moisturizing shampoo & conditioner, weekly mask, leave-in cream, home remedies for moisture (avocado and olive oil is a simple way to moisturize hair).

Straight Hair- Volumizing shampoo or repairing shampoo with compatible conditioners, mask, leave-in treatment, hot oil treatments weekly.

Wavy Hair- Wave enhancing shampoo and conditioner, deep moisture mask weekly, hot oil treatment weekly, texturizing sea salt spray.

*All products that you will need can be obtained from any drugstore, just make sure you read the ingredients to see if the products have beneficial and organic ingredients like lavender oil or shea butter. Healthy ingredients = healthy scalp!*

Tips For A Successful Routine

- Every day or every other day, brush hair gently with a nice flexible brush, a detangling comb (after washing hair), and a boar bristle brush when oiling hair to spread the oil evenly down your hair.

- Use heat sparingly and do not fry hair each day with heat appliances.

- Eat a healthy diet + drink plenty of water and it will show on your hair.

- Once you know your hair type, don't be afraid to experiment with different lotions and potions. With organic products you can almost never go wrong.

- If your second-day hair is greasy, make a rosemary and water spritz to revive roots and battle oiliness. Combine 1 cup of water with 5-8 drops of rosemary oil or rosemary herb. Spritz on roots and lengths, comb out.

- Use home remedies to battle dryness. See my other posts for some ideas, I will put new recipes up each day.

- Protect hair with low braids and buns for when it is hot out, always spray hair with a sunscreen or hide it with a hat when it is exposed to the sun. If it is cold out, wear a hat and make sure the ends of your hair aren't poking out and being harmed by the cold winter wind.

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Long Hair Essentials

 Long Hair Essentials: Products

Long hair is prone to more breakage and damage than short hair, but with proper care you can flaunt gorgeous long hair. In this post I show you the "essential" products for long hair and how to manage your long mane effectively. Because some people do not like to spend lot's of money on hair styling products, I listed money-friendly alternatives beside the costly ones (with the price). I hope you enjoy the article and support me by sharing my blog. Happy hair days! -xoxo Lexie Hair


Boar Bristle Brush (BBB) - These brushes are specialized for long hair to gently untangle and spread your scalps natural oils down the length of hair. The boar (wild pig) hair bristles gently stimulate the scalp while cleaning the hair of lint and dust. Boar bristle brushes are very effective and the cost of this brush ranges from $5-$200.


This brush is the Rolls-Royce of BBB's. The costly price is the main concern for women but the effects are instant once the brush is used. Stylists recommend the Mason Peerson brush ($85-$120) to stimulate hair follicles and leave a polished finish on hair.
If cost is your main concern, look no further! I have found a great brush made by Goody that has genuine boar hair. Reviewers agree that it makes hair softer and less frizzy. Goody Boar Blends brushes come in different shapes (for your particular styling needs) and can be used to style hair or just to brush it. The price ranges from $5-$10 depending on what store you go to and where you live.
Hair Oil: As I have said before in a previous post, nourishing your hair is very important. Hair oil is the best way to nourish hair. When we search for hair oils (the pure ones that don't contain silicone or mineral oil) we find many products promising shine and growth. Know which hair oil suits you and your hair needs and also check the ingredients list before purchasing an oil.
Mira Hair Oil has been the miracle hair elixir for years. Beauty reviewers give the oil a 4/5 star rating and claim the product delivers faster hair growth. So far, professional oils don't come close to this one, from the reviews we can see that this oil dominates. Mira Oil ranges from $40-$60 and usually comes in a small, amber colored glass bottle.


Aura Cacia is a brand of skin care/massage oils that are used for skin and for hair. The newest oil to be released from their company is Argan Oil. Professionals and beauty critics agree that pure Argan Oil from Morocco delivers moisturizing results and hair health. Aura Cacia's Argan Oil comes in a pretty 1 fl. oz. pump bottle. The product is relatively cheap at $14.99 CAN.

Moisturizing Shampoo + Conditioner: As you know, I am big on organic products that have no sulphates, parabens, phosphates and phthalates. These chemicals are proven to put a stopper on hair growth and strip nutrients from hair follicles. I have tried 50+ chemical laden hair products that are supposed to nourish hair and I have had no luck. For long hair, nourishment is important so I have dug around websites and drugstores/salons and found the right shampoos and conditioners.

MoroccanOil is a great shampoo and conditioner brand that is salon approved and guarantees results. I swear by their Moisture Repair Shampoo + Conditioner because it is free of sulphates, parabens and sodium chloride. It also is not tested by animals.
(I try to stay away from their MorrocanOil Argan Oil though because it does contain various silicones). Give the shampoo + conditioner a go if you want moisture and less dry ends. The price is $20.99 CAN (note that prices vary in different salons)

*Warning* Both products are very creamy and aren't intended for fine hair (unless you like sleek, weighed down hair).
Live Clean Exotic Nector Restorative Argan Oil Shampoo/Conditioner is my go-to because it has virtually no chemicals or animal testing and it is budget friendly. The shampoo cleans hair while bringing nourishment back with the 100% pure Argan Oil & Argan Oil Extract which is the 2nd ingredient on the list (after water). It also has Olive and Grapeseed Oils to lock in moisture and shine. The conditioner is very moisturizing but very light (perfect for fine hair) and it contains Castor Oil for hair growth. Overall, the products are amazing! They are priced at $7.99 each.

Wide Toothed Combs: These combs are essential to detangle wet, long hair. They can be used after shampooing and conditioning or on dry hair to get rid of knots. These combs generally aren't very expensive and I have yet to see a high priced detangling comb, but these combs can be avalible at fancy salons or cheap drugstores. Below I list the high end detangling comb and the cheaper drugstore alternative.


Macadamia Natural Oil is a salon brand that is much like MorrocanOil but the main ingredient, however, is Macadamia Oil. The company's main focus is  bringing nourishment to damaged hair, that's where this comb comes in. The Macadamia Natural Oil Detangling Comb is infused with Macadamia Oil and moisturizes each strand when used (the oil is located in the bristles and eventually runs out). This comb is priced at $7.99-$8.99 CAN (prices may vary).

Goody is a trusted brand of hair tools and products for less. Their Ouchless line is perfect for those with hair fall from brushes and combs and other hair tools. They also offer elastics and accessories that don't break hair. The Ouchless detangling comb is priced at $3.99-$4.99 CAN ( depending on the store) and comes in different colors.
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Split Ends: Prevention & Treatment

  Split End Remedies & Tips

There is always something that drives us ballistic about our hair, one of those things can be split ends. Split ends are individual hairs that break and creep  up the hair shaft. They are usually caused by damage. If you have ever tried to grow out your hair you probably have had a few split ends here and there due to brushing or even weather. As we grow out our hair, new hair grows from the top and old hair is being pushed to the bottom. Because this old hair is at the bottom, it is the target for damage and can split easily. In this post I have listed remedies to prevent split ends and a simple treatment if you already have split ends. Remember though, split ends cannot be mended but they can be prevented. A trim is the surefire way to rid your hair of damaged ends. Hope you enjoy! -xoxo Lexie Hair


1/2 cup - 1 full cup of Olive Oil (depending on the length of your hair)
1 tablespoon Vitamin E Oil

Olive oil is known to nourish and help repair hair damage. This mask will help nourish ends and prevent hair from splitting. Mix the ingredients and heat on a pan if desired. Make sure the oil has a good, warm temperature. Leave the mask on midlengths to ends for a few hours - overnight. Wash the oil out with a good organic shampoo. Make sure to wash hair once  and I do emphasize once because too much shampoo strips all of the oil out making the treatment useless. Condition  hair with a good quality conditioner.

* Remember to follow up with a daily hair routine that is gentle with little brushing as possible because too much brushing will aggravate hair and split ends will occur.*


1-2 Eggs (depending on hair length)
1 tbsp Olive Oil

Split ends can be caused by lack of protein in the hair shaft, making the hair susceptible to damage. Add strength back into your hair with a natural protein mask. Egg has loads of hair-loving protein and Olive Oil nourishes the follicles.  Mix the ingredients together and apply on the midlengths to ends of your hair. Leave the mask in for a few hours. Wash your hair once and condition as usual.

*Using this simple, affordable mask once a week ensures your hair gets protein which in-turn helps build hair that is strong against damage*


The proper treatment you will need is using a wide tooth comb saturated in almond oil. Use this comb on  the midlengths to ends of your hair when your hair is either dry or wet. This treatment should temporarily slow down the split ends from forming. It can also replace your drugstore serum. This oil only "heals" split ends temporarily. They should always be removed by a hair stylist every other month.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Nourishing Hair Organically

          Nourishing Hair Using Natural Ingredients:

Nourishing hair is a very important part of hair care especially if your hair is dry and brittle due to coloring treatments, weather or even excessive brushing. Whether you have dry curly or straight hair, you can have great results using an oil treatment weekly. When you think of oils you probably think of the sleek oil treatments or serums you see in drugstores, this is where most people go wrong. Oils have to be in their purest form to work wonders on hair. Most serums contain silicone or silicone derivatives. Silicone is a soft substance that coats hair and creats a barrier that keeps moisture in temporarily, the result you get after prolonged use is dry hair because the silicone blocks moisture from getting to your hair follicles. Organic oils like olive oil or coconut oil do the exact opposite of silicone. They coat hair with moisture and absorb into the roots of hair to properly penetrate and nourish. When applied to the ends of hair, organic oils deliver moisture and get rid of that straw-like roughness we all dread. Massaging the scalp with the oil also delivers nutrients and blood flow for healthier hair growth.

Try this recipe below once a week for great results!
 -xoxo Lexie Hair


(You may add more oil if your hair is longer than shoulder length)

2 tbsp Argan Oil
2 tbsp Coconut Oil
2 tbsp Olive Oil
2 tbsp Vitamin E Oil
Optional: A few drops of essential oils or fragrance oils for added benefits (I prefer lemon or eucalyptus oil for their scalp soothing benefits)

Mix all oils together and heat in a pan if desired. The oil should be warm but not too hot. Massage the oil into your scalp for a few minutes and spread the oil through the lengths of your hair with a comb. Wrap a hot towel around your hair for deep absorption. Leave the remaining oil to penetrate for a few hours or even overnight. Wash hair and condition as usual.

Shiny Hair Rinse


Hello fellow bloggers, today I will post my very first hair recipe! I would just like to say that I am not a stylist or an expert, just a girl trying to help others out. The recipe below has been used for centuries to clarify and add shine and body to hair. The ingredients for the recipe are inexpensive and easy to find. Enjoy my recipe and stay tuned for more! -xoxo Lexie Hair


1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons of lemon juice  (optional)  *may cause hair to become lighter over time*

1 qt. water (preferably filtered or distilled water)


Mix the cider vinegar in with the water and add the two tablespoons of lemon juice if you desire (dark haired ladies should not add lemon juice). After shampooing and conditioning gently pour the rinse onto your hair and scalp and gently massage as you go. Don't wash the rinse out.