Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Updated Hair Routine

Softer, Shinier Hair w/ 3 Essential Products!

Hello hairoholics,

I know I haven't been posting lately and I apologize to all of my readers. I will have a skin post up very soon as well. Anyways, here is my long overdue hair routine. My techniques have all remained the same, I do not brush my wet hair (I use a wide toothed comb) or take any prenatal pills because I believe pills do not increase your hair growth. Caring for my hair is rather hard at times because my hair is somewhat damaged from my highlighting jobs. Now I must wait at least a year before I do any highlights or root touch-ups so that my hair grows out a bit and regains it's strength and natural sheen.


My shampoo is from the Organix brand which I've found works best on my specific hair texture. Since moisture is the biggest factor for my hair of late, I have been using their Argan Crème line. It manages to leave my hair shinier and softer without excess weight. The smell is FANTASTIC as well!

Organix luxurious Moroccan argan crème extra moisturizing shampoo  ($6.99-$8.99 CA)


Conditioner is a must for me. I never skip conditioner. Never ever. Bringing moisture back into my hair is my primary concern as mentioned before. Keep in mind that a conditioner can never repair your hair, no matter what the bottle promises, but it does deposit a good amount of moisture and shine. My conditioner is compatible with my shampoo and smells fantastic. My hair has never looked better than it does when I use this conditioner.

Organic luxurious Moroccan argan crème extra moisturizing conditioner ($6.99-$8.99 CA)


Usually for treatments I stick to my argan oil or almond oil, but the oiling is a different type of treatment. A special rinse out mask is a staple in my routine, and surprisingly it is from L'Oreal.
The Ever Crème line from L'Oreal is sulphate free and contains Omega 3's and 6's. It also has Camelina extract for optimum moisture. I find that this mask makes my hair look great. The way I use it is simple, after shampooing and conditioning I take around 2-3 tbsp. since my hair is long, and I massage it into my scalp and smooth it down the length of my hair. I gently comb through my hair with a wide toothed comb to distribute the mask down to the ends. Then I twist my hair into a low bun and wait for 7-10 minutes for super shiny and soft hair. During this time you can shave or do whatever in the shower while the steam from the shower helps the mask penetrate into each individual hair strand.

L'Oreal EverCrème Sulfate-Free Moisture System Deep Nourishing Masque ($6.99 CA)

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